Mandate, Mission and Strategic Priorities

Mandate, Mission and Strategic Priorities


Our legislative mandate is to fund legal education, legal research, legal aid, law reform and law libraries for the benefit of British Columbians.

Mission Statement

To advance and promote a just society governed by the rule of law, through leadership, innovation and collaboration.


A society where access to justice is protected and advanced.


• Integrity
• Respect
• Diversity
• Sustainability

Program Objectives

The Law Foundation’s funds are directed to five mandated areas: legal education, legal research, legal aid, law reform, and law libraries. The Law Foundation seeks to ensure access to justice through its program objectives which are:

1. Legal Education

To promote legal education programs and services in British Columbia to make the law more accessible through:

a. increasing public awareness of the law and the justice system;
b. providing education to groups with particular legal needs; and
c. assisting in the academic and professional development of those providing legal services to ensure those services are of the highest quality.

2. Legal Research

To advance the knowledge of:

a. law;
b. social policy; and
c. the administration of justice through the identification of areas and issues needing study and analysis and the encouragement and support of projects to address those needs.

3. Legal Aid

To assist in the provision of legal services, including:

a. advice to and representation of economically disadvantaged persons; and
b. support of community service and non-profit organizations which address issues that benefit groups of disadvantaged persons or the public.

To facilitate access of the public to the justice system.

Legal aid includes the Legal Services Society, community-based advocacy, public interest law, and other legal aid.

4. Law Reform

To encourage and support projects promoting changes to law and the administration of justice in accord with current knowledge, values and technology.

5. Law Libraries

To assist law libraries and resource centres to keep their materials current.

To encourage and support projects designed to improve the utility and accessibility to both the legal profession and the public of legal and law related materials.


Strategic Priorities 2010-2015

  1. Maintain and improve Law Foundation finances
  2. Provide support for Law Foundation grantees
  3. Continue the ongoing evaluation of Law Foundation programs and projects
  4. Research and address gaps in access to justice in BC – sectoral and substantive
  5. Develop new programs and initiatives


The Mandate, Mission Statement, Vision, Values, Program Objectives and Strategic Priorities have been adopted by the Board of Governors as policy guidelines. These are the principles upon which funding decisions will be based.