About Us

The Law Foundation of British Columbia (the Foundation) is an independent non-profit foundation established in 1969 under the Legal Profession Act. The Foundation receives the interest on funds held in lawyers’ pooled trust accounts maintained in the banks and credit unions of the province. The Foundation in turn distributes these funds by way of grants.

Our Mandate

The Legal Profession Act directs the Law Foundation to distribute these funds in five areas:

Legal Education



Legal Research


Legal Research

Legal Aid


Legal Aid

Law Reform


Law Reform

Law Libraries


Law libraries

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While the Foundation makes grants only in law-related areas, it strives to fund projects and programs that provide a benefit to the general public of British Columbia.

The Foundation also aims to direct its funding to projects and programs that reflect the diversity of British Columbia. The Foundation’s working definition of diversity is:

Diversity includes age, different abilities, socio-economic level, education, ethnicity, language, family, gender, marital/relationship status, race, religion, work experience, geographic size and location, and sexual orientation.

Our Board and Staff

The Foundation is governed by an eighteen-member Board of Governors comprised of lawyers, judges and lay people – all of whom volunteer their time.

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The Foundation staff consists of an executive director, policy and programs director, operations director, finance director, program directors, administrative assistants and a training manager

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