Clio User Survey

Thank you for your support and cooperation with the Clio Project.  The initial scoping phase is nearing completion and we now require the specific user information for all future Clio users at your organization.
The Foundation is committed to providing user licenses for all LFBC-funded users. We have heard from some of you, that your organization may benefit from additional licenses  (e.g., for non-LFBC funded staff and/or short-term users like summer students). It is important for us to understand the scope and scale of these needs across the network as we work to identify solutions. As such, you will see that there are questions in this survey related to LFBC-funded users, as well as questions related to potential additional users.  
Please note: Only one survey is required per organization. Please collaborate with your team to complete an accurate list of users.
In Clio Manage, there are three types of accounts roles, each with their own available actions: the primary subscriber, administrator, and user. 

1) Primary subscriber
The primary subscriber is a type of administrator. This user is the account owner. There can only be one primary subscriber for each account. This user is the only person who can pass account ownership to someone else and control the calendar.

The Foundation recommends this person be either the Executive Director or manager of your department.

2) Administrator
Administrators are users who can make changes in settings, but administrators cannot make changes to the primary subscriber’s account. All users with administrator permissions can edit personal and login information and permissions for all other users, except the primary subscriber. There can be multiple administrators for each account, but please reserve this role to only a few key users - all users should not be administrators. 

3) User
Users are normal users on an account who cannot change any account settings or change any other user's permissions. Users have access to various areas of Clio Manage depending on which user permissions an administrator set for them. Users cannot change any account settings or change any other user's permissions.

Please download the file HERE and complete your user template with all users, funded, un-funded, temporary and supervising lawyer. To download the file, go to the top-left of the window, click "File" and click "Save As" and then "Save as a copy" Once completed, please upload it below.
During a regular year, does your organization have any people that would require short-term access to your Clio? E.g., summer students

If yes, please describe:

- how many people would require time-limited access in a year
- their role 
- how long they would use Clio in a year
- when they would use Clio in a year

E.g., 2x summer students - 3 months - from June to August