Grants Approved in November 2015

The Board of Governors of the Law Foundation of BC met on November 21, 2015 and approved funding for a number of continuing programs and projects. Chair Warren Milman is pleased to announce that funding totalling $7,321,000 was approved for the following 37 continuing programs and projects.

Continuing Programs

Funding totalling $6,900,500 was approved for the following 19 continuing programs:

OrganizationProgram NameGrant Amount
Legal Services Society
Legal Information and Legal Assistance Programs $2,955,000.00
BC Courthouse Library Society
Operating Grant $2,245,000.00
University of Victoria
Law Centre Clinical Program $340,000.00
Law Society of BC
Professional Legal Training Course $215,000.00
BC Civil Liberties Association
Major Programs $175,000.00
First United Church Community Ministry Society
Poverty Law Advocacy Program $175,000.00
University of British Columbia
Indigenous Community Legal Clinic $174,500.00
BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association
Law Reform & Public Legal Education Program $80,000.00
Haida Gwaii Legal Project Society
Legal Education/Advocacy Program $78,000.00
Nanaimo Citizen Advocacy Association
Legal Advocacy Program $75,000.00
Powell River Community Services Association
Poverty Law Advocacy Program $75,000.00
Law Society of BC
CanLII Virtual Law Library $70,000.00
Multiple Sclerosis Society, BC & Yukon Division
Volunteer Legal Advocacy Program $55,000.00
Prince Rupert Unemployed Centre Society
Advocacy Program $45,000.00
University of Victoria
Public Interest Work Placements $38,000.00
Pro Bono Students Canada - UBC
Community Placement Program $35,000.00
Pro Bono Students Canada - UVIC
Student Placement Program $30,000.00
Debate and Speech Association of BC
Law Foundation Cup $20,000.00
Foundation for Legal Research
Legal Research Program $20,000.00


Funding totalling $321,000 was approved for the following 11 grants:

OrganizationProject NameGrant Amount
Opportunities Career Services SocietyPoverty Law Advocacy Program $62,500.00
Mediate BC Society
Family Unbundled Legal Services Project $60,000.00
University of British Columbia
Innocence Project $50,000.00
University of British Columbia
Law Foundation Public Interest Awards $40,000.00
University of Victoria
Law Foundation Public Interest Awards $30,000.00
People's Law School Society
Organizational Review and HR Support $25,000.00
Thompson Rivers University
Law Foundation Public Interest Awards $20,000.00
Opportunities Career Services SocietyRelocation Costs $12,000.00
Vancouver Summer Mentorship SocietySummer Mentorship Program $11,500.00
Justice Education Society of BC
Collaboration Funding $5,000.00
People's Law School SocietyCollaboration Funding $5,000.00

Legal Research Fund

Funding totalling $99,500 was approved for the following 7 Legal Research grants:

OrganizationProject TitleGrant Amount
Beverly Froese
Equality, Dignity and Inclusion: An Evaluation of BC's Mental Health Laws, Policies and Service Standards $20,000.00
Kamaljit Lehal
An Exploration of the Effectiveness $20,000.00
University of Victoria
Indigenous Law: A Toolkit for Navigating Issues of Gender and Sexuality $20,000.00
University of British Columbia
Should the Small Claims Court of British Columbia be Given an Explicit Equitable Jurisdiction? $15,000.00
University of Victoria
The On-Going Pursuit of Public Sector Integrity: Awarding Government Contracts and Financing Political Parties $14,000.00
Thompson Rivers University
Teaching the Future of Law in the Canadian Law School $7,000.00
Mathew Good
Justice Delayed - Trends in Length of Hearing, Judgment Length and Time to Judgment, 1970 - 2015 $3,500.00