Grants Approved in November 2016

The Board of Governors of the Law Foundation of BC met on November 19, 2016 and approved funding for a number of continuing programs and projects. Chair Warren Milman is pleased to announce that funding totalling $7,585,000 was approved for the following 35 continuing programs and projects.

Continuing Programs

Funding totalling $6,988,000 was approved for the following 20 continuing programs:

Organization NameProgram NameGrant Amount
Legal Services SocietyLegal Information and Legal Assistance Programs$2,955,000.00
BC Courthouse Library SocietyOperating Grant$2,245,000.00
University of VictoriaLaw Centre Clinical Program$340,000.00
Law Society of BCProfessional Legal Training Course$215,000.00
University of British ColumbiaIndigenous Community Legal Clinic$190,000.00
BC Civil Liberties AssociationMajor Programs$175,000.00
First United Church Community Ministry SocietyPoverty Law Advocacy Program$175,000.00
BC Freedom of Information and Privacy AssociationLaw Reform & Public Legal Education Program$80,000.00
Haida Gwaii Legal Project SocietyLegal Education/Advocacy Program$78,000.00
Nanaimo Citizen Advocacy AssociationLegal Advocacy Program$75,000.00
Powell River Community Services AssociationPoverty Law Advocacy Program$75,000.00
Law Society of BCCanLII Virtual Law Library$70,000.00
University of VictoriaPublic Interest Work Placements$65,000.00
Multiple Sclerosis Society, BC & Yukon DivisionVolunteer Legal Advocacy Program$55,000.00
Prince Rupert Unemployed Centre SocietyAdvocacy Program$45,000.00
University of British ColumbiaPublic Interest Work Placements$45,000.00
Pro Bono Students Canada - UBCCommunity Placement Program$35,000.00
Pro Bono Students Canada - UVICStudent Placement Program$30,000.00
Foundation for Legal ResearchLegal Research Program$20,000.00
Debate and Speech Association of BCThe Law Foundation Cup$20,000.00


Funding totalling $597,000 was approved for the following 15 grants:

Organization NameProject TitleGrant Amount
Thompson Rivers UniversityClinic Program$225,000.00
People's Law School SocietyPLS Website Innovation$70,000.00
University of British ColumbiaInnocence Project$50,000.00
University of British ColumbiaLaw Foundation Public Interest Awards$40,000.00
Thompson Rivers UniversityPublic Interest Work Placement Program$33,000.00
University of VictoriaLaw Foundation Public Interest Awards$30,000.00
Pro Bono Students Canada - TRUStudent Placement Program - Thompson Rivers University$30,000.00
Simon Fraser University, School of CriminologyBuilding Supports: Housing Access for Immigrant and Refugee Women Leaving Abuse project$20,000.00
Thompson Rivers UniversityLaw Foundation Public Interest Awards$20,000.00
West Coast Domestic Workers' AssociationMigrant Workers Legal Needs Assessment Project$18,000.00
International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice PolicyEnhancing Access to Justice for Women Living in Rural and Remote Areas in BC - Reviewing Practices From Canada and Abroad to Improve our Response Project$16,000.00
Thompson Rivers UniversityAssessing the Human Rights Remedy after Moore v. British Columbia (Education): A Qualitative Research Study$16,000.00
University of British ColumbiaSexual Violence Across the Lifespan: Adolescent Girls$15,000.00
University of VictoriaEthics and Professionalism in the Legal Representation of Indigenous Peoples in BC$10,000.00
Thompson Rivers UniversityWorkers' Legal Learning Exchange$4,000.00