2019 Major Projects Initiative

The Law Foundation has established a 2019 Major Projects Initiative.


The purpose of the initiative is to support innovative initiatives that have the goal of achieving a significant impact in enhancing justice and access to justice in British Columbia.  The Law Foundation encourages applicants and projects that reflect the diversity of British Columbia.

The Law Foundation’s working definition of diversity is: Diversity includes age, different abilities, socio-economic level, education, ethnicity, language, family, gender, marital/relationship status, race, religion, work experience, geographic size and location, and sexual orientation.  

 Who Can Apply

A non-profit organization in British Columbia whose proposed time-limited project falls within one or more of the five statutory mandated areas of the Law Foundation:

  • legal aid
  • legal education
  • legal research
  • law reform
  • law libraries

Projects must be time limited, but can last for up to 3 years.  The Law Foundation is particularly interested in receiving innovative proposals that meet needs in the following areas:

  • major law reform initiatives
  • major legal research initiatives
  • major public legal education infrastructure projects
  • innovative projects that enhance access to justice service delivery
  • innovative projects that enhance the use of technology
  • initiatives that advance the process of reconciliation as discussed in the Truth and Reconciliation Report.

The Law Foundation will consider proposals in areas other than those listed above as long as they fall within the program objectives of the Law Foundation.

Project grants are NOT awarded under this initiative for:

  • Counselling programs;
  • Individual court cases;
  • The development of by-laws, governance documents or contracts;
  • Capital or infrastructure grants;
  • Start up or capacity building grants;
  • Projects that duplicate services;
  • Public legal education publications that duplicate what currently exists; and
  • Unless specifically exempted by the Committee, applications that were declined by the Foundation in the previous two years.

Grant Size

The amount available for each project is between $250,000 and $1,000,000.  Please round the amount requested to the nearest thousand dollars.

Note: If your project is for $75,000 or below, please apply under the Law Foundation’s annual Projects Initiative.

Application and Assessment Process

There will be a two-stage process: a Letter of Intent stage followed by selected applicants being invited to submit full applications.  Letters of Intent for Law Foundation grants are to be submitted using the SmartSimple online Grants Management System Portal.  The Portal can be found at https://lawfoundationbc.smartsimple.ca/.

The questions to be answered in the Letter of Intent can be found here:  Major Projects Initiative LOI April 1, 2019 FINAL.

  • Letters of Intent are due by 12:00 Noon, May 1, 2019 for consideration at the May, 2019 Policy and Planning Committee meeting, or by 12:00 Noon, August 15, 2019 for consideration at the September, 2019 Policy and Planning Committee meeting.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited to submit a full application thereafter.

Please contact Law Foundation staff to discuss your project by:

This is important as it is an opportunity to discuss the project funding process and get assistance/feedback on your project idea and how it relates to the Law Foundation mandate. We strongly encourage you to get this feedback as early in the process as you can.

Applications will be adjudicated in November, 2019 or as appropriate.

Please note that the Foundation may require an organization to have audited financial statements or an audit of the project.

Submitting an application is not a guarantee of funding.